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With nonstop days on-air, on-screen, behind the camera and on the club scene, it is no wonder DJ Ekin’s star power is skyrocketing. The acclaimed Tampa-based DJ is well-known as one of the most connected, hardworking, and reliable on-air talents in the industry.
I had the pleasure of working with DJ Ekin for 5 years. He is a true professional and continually looks to better himself. He shows a true interest in the digital space, he’s great with Social Media and is masterful behind a mic and in front of crowds. His work ethic would make him valuable to any organization. Rusch Young

Digital Content Manager, Cox Media Group


A trailblazer and industry leader, DJ Ekin has been entertaining radio audiences for more than a decade. He’s well known as “The Most Connected DJ” around and maintains a contact list of the who’s who in hip hop to prove it. Beginning in Tampa as an on-air personality for Cox Media Group (WPOI HOT 101.5 FM) and iHeart Media (WTBP 95.7 THE BEAT FM), Ekin’s ability to connect with audiences over the air waves established him as an influencer voice of the community. His influence extends beyond the Tampa Bay area and includes affiliations with brands like Budweiser, the NCAA, the NHL, Def Jam, Adidas, Heineken Light, Puma, and Live Nation.

Ekin recently shelved his Top 40 radio gig to return to his first love—hip hop—in his native New York. You can hear him on Satori Radio weekday afternoons; as well as on his recently launched podcast, three Guys 4 Mics; alongside Hall Of Fame Boxing Champ Winky Wright and NFL linebacker Cameron Lynch. Together, the three friends host a weekly look at the world of sports, lifestyle, and entertainment from the perspective of guys who are actually living it.


Ekin is not just any other DJ; he is an all-around entertainment professional.  He parlays his influence and infectious energy to dominate every endeavor he touches, including the small screen. 

He is a sought-after host and has been appeared on BET, and FOX Network.  Ekin’s MyPlace series features his witty and informative interviews with entertainers like Ice Cube, The Chainsmokers, DJ Khaled, T.I., 50 Cent and the rising Disney star Zendaya. My Place can be found on Youtube on the DJ Ekin TV channel.


Ekin makes philanthropy a priority too.  He is the creator of i Care About Me, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. As the Founder and Chairman of the Board Ekin acts as the driving force behind the nonprofit realizing that progress starts with the community; and his job is not only entertainment but a much greater responsibility which consists of giving back and showing the youth that they matter on every level. i Care About Me was created to inspire and motivate youth to care about themselves as individuals including: believing in themselves and their potential, expanding goal setting capacity, and increasing overall personal self-esteem and self-worth. You can find Ekin in local schools across the globe using his influence with celebrity friends in tow inspiring kids to make a positive impact on our world and encouraging them to take the i Care About Me Pledge.


Ekin’s latest business venture is a partnership with Bandbasher.com that will premiere his ASK (Absolute Street Knowledge) docuseries.  ASK reaches beyond the fundamentals of the music business to share real-world insight on the industry—a field often misunderstood by those who struggle to break in and apply their skills.  It features a collection of testimonies from people on the inside who explain how the industry really works.  ASK’s mission is to provide relevant and engaging news and information content designed for the future of music.

What do you say about an individual that is passionate about his craft and is constantly striving to learn, get that edge, strive for excellence, and challenges himself and you to be the best, continuously raising the bar for both of you? You say that person is amazing. I’ve had the honor of working with Ekin across two companies and stations across 14 years. Tremendous team player and consummate professional with a personality and vibe that charges the room. He has a knack for having that ever-present finger on the pulse of his audience and his profession and he just doesn’t stop at success, he keeps pushing and going, His sky has no limits.Mike Oliviero

Director of Marketing & Promotions, Cox Media Group

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